App strategy and design intensive session

During an intensive session, we help established female entrepreneurs & business owners get everything they need to develop their own custom business app with absolute confidence

Virtual intensive online workshop...

£5000 + VAT

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"The number one reason app projects fail is a lack of attention to the strategy"

So you’re thinking about building your own business app…

Maybe you desperately want to scale your premium 1-2-1 services and you're eager to shift away from being the sole expert in your business. Right now, you’d give absolutely anything for the ability to clone yourself and your specialist skills

Perhaps you already have a raving community and you’re looking to improve the quality of your client experience, keep your customers engaged and create a container to nurture ongoing sales

Or maybe you’ve got a savvy idea to add an additional revenue stream (not to mention a very sexy and highly valuable long-term asset to your business balance sheet) and think an app could be the perfect way to do this

Well, if you answered yes to any of these, a custom app is the best way to achieve your goals.

But...building an app for your business can feel confusing.

If you’re anything like my current clients...

You probably went through the following process before landing here with me:

You came up with great idea for an app to support your business goals

You googled how to build an app for your business and ended up in a perplexing maze of highly confusing and utterly overwhelming jargon

You asked around and people gave you a wild range of ways to build your app, none of which seemed to give you any greater clarity

You panicked, decided it was all a bit too difficult…and then somehow you ended up here.

Lucky you...

I’m Charlotte,

Founder of Technically Confident. A company dedicated to helping female business owners to build their own revenue-generating software. (aka build their own apps) 

In my past life, I was an award-winning Accenture / Microsoft Strategy Consultant and specialist in helping industry-leading organisations strategically design & scale emerging technology and apps. - And boy, do I have some stories to share! - Let’s just say, i’ve seen it all! The good, the bad and the very, very ugly! 

These days, i’m known for leaving the complicated tech jargon at the door and instead applying  my specialist skills and experience to help other women in business navigate the complicated world of tech to turn their seemingly unachievable ideas into reality. 

So, whether you’re looking to scale your premium services, create an incredible customer experience or turn your idea into a fresh new revenue stream, i'm ready to support you to do it with confidence.

My motto: If you can’t explain it simply, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about.

Let’s be honest, the prospect of building an app for your business can be intimidating and there’s a lot of misguided advice out there.

Right now you’re probably thinking…
  • Alright, so i’ve got a good idea, but I’m not technical, so who am I to be talking about building an app anyway? I don’t have a clue how to manage developers and all that stuff.
  • I’m already maxed out, there’s no way I can take on an app build project as well.
  • Won’t this take forever and need an insane amount of funding?
    It’s not the right time. If I wait a while, all my other problems will disappear and then I’ll suddenly have the magical capacity to build an app.
  • What if I go ahead and build something that doesn't hit the mark?

Well, those challenges can absolutely arise if you tackle it solo, but let me tell you what actually happens when you make the decision to work with an experienced app strategy team to build your custom app.

You feel in control! You get to craft your app to perfectly match your business and customer needs, without concerns about missing the mark.

You experience peace of mind: Rest assured that the company managing your app won't unexpectedly alter their policies in ways that could adversely affect your app and your business.

You get to feel relaxed and regain your time: Building with expert support enables you to concentrate on what truly counts – knowing your project is being driven to the best possible outcome.

You feel secure and assured, knowing there are no "silly" questions. You'll have someone readily available to simplify complex tech terminology in a way that empowers even the least tech-savvy person, free from any judgment.

And you know what happens on the other side of building your own custom business app?

  • You can effortlessly broaden your premium one-on-one services, allowing you to replicate your specialised expertise and freeing you to focus on pivotal tasks that drive your business forward—or simply indulge in what truly brings you joy.
  • You’ll enjoy the advantages of creating an exceptional customer experience for your audience and a strong sense of community. Harness the ability to upsell within the app and foster enduring relationships.
  • You'll experience diverse income sources: App ownership empowers you to mold it into a unique revenue generator while preserving valuable intellectual property and a long-lasting business asset.
  • Profitable partnerships become effortlessly attainable: Additional income opportunities become boundlessly accessible. You are able to extend money-making opportunities beyond user payments by white-labelling your app for businesses. You could even leverage valuable app data to create additional revenue streams
  • You can unlock financial rewards through strategic investments: Embrace innovation, maximizing tax benefits.
Introducing the…

App strategy and design intensive session

Virtual intensive workshop

Get everything you need to start building your customised business app or software in just one day. We'll help you outline your app strategy, create its design and outline exactly how your app will meet the exact needs of your customers and future business goals, - with the primary aim of ensuring you're fully prepared and confident to proceed with developing your unique custom app with confidence.

(And...if you're looking to secure investment for your app? - By the end of this workshop you'll have everything you need to get investors engaged!) does this work?

Your workshop will be delivered online utilising cutting-edge strategy and user-centred design workshop techniques applied by the leading tech giants, this one-day app strategy and design workshop will equip you with everything necessary to move ahead and construct your app with unwavering confidence.

From 10-4pm with breaks, we will work with you to:

Gain a deep understanding of how an app aligns with the distinct demands of your business and your specific requirements to ensure that the app is not only tailored to your specific requirements but also positioned to effectively contribute to your business's success.

Get crystal clear around your custom app concept by pinpointing the essential features tailored to meet your users' precise needs.

Map your end-to-end user journey essential to ensure a seamless and user-centric experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and success.

Identify the technical requirements of your app, essential to comprehending its technical design – in other words, how your app is built to ensure it can scale seamlessly with your evolving needs.

Create low-fidelity visual wireframe sketches to provide a clear blueprint for the layout and functionality of your app.

Just show up and bring your ideas. We’ll handle the rest!

This workshop will give you everything you need to take your validated app idea into development. By the end of this workshop, you’ll feel fully equipped with all the essentials to create your custom app with confidence.

£5000 + VAT


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Insane Bonuses!


Follow-up 1-hour review and strategy session

(£500 Value)

1-hour review and strategy session to assess your progress and provide guidance for your next steps with confidence


User stories

(£2000 Value)

User stories provide a concise and understandable way to communicate user requirements and functionality between designers, developers, and stakeholders. This clarity reduces misunderstandings and streamlines the development process.


Prototype mockups of your app!!

(£5000 Value)

Clickable prototypes significantly aid in app development by promoting user-centred design, visualising concepts, identifying early issues, facilitating iterative development, reducing costs, and improving communication among the development team and stakeholders. They play a pivotal role in aligning the final app with user expectations and streamlining the development process.

(The above image is an example only - your prototypes will be reflective of your own app design)


Strategy 'pitch' presentation!!

(£3000 Value)

A presentation summarising your app strategy and design intensive session outputs, helping you to outline the core plan for developing, launching, and growing your application. You can use this document to create a compelling investor pitch for your application. 

TOTAL VALUE: £14,000 + VAT




A custom app is the best way to scale your premium, highly specialised services, build incredible communities with powerful customer experiences and add additional revenue streams and valuable asset to your business!!

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The No Guarantee

We love working with ambitious women in business, but we're not here for those just seeking opportunities or who don't take action. That's why we have a no-refund policy for our intensive strategy days. These sessions draw on our extensive experience and effort from our Technically Confident team. If you're not genuinely committed to building a fantastic app for your business, this might not be the right fit. We're dedicated to working with serious and committed business owners. With that being said, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards to ensure your satisfaction while working with us.

The Oh So Official Bio

Charlotte Fuller, the visionary behind the Technically Confident brand and podcast, empowers female entrepreneurs in building customised applications to scale their businesses. With a distinguished career as an award-winning former Microsoft / Accenture strategy consultant, she has worked with numerous industry giants to drive the successful development of cutting-edge technology solutions.

Charlotte is a certified business strategist who possesses advanced degrees and certifications spanning the fields of business, advanced technology, and finance. However, what truly sets her apart is her extensive industry experience, which many would argue is even more valuable. Charlotte has accumulated numerous years of practical hands-on experience in various industries, making her a seasoned professional in her field.

Why work with Charlotte & The Technically Confident team?

  • Gain access to a team of dedicated, experienced, friendly, and approachable tech professionals.
  • Experience working with and advising around the latest cloud-based technologies such as data and artificial intelligence (AI) advanced analytics. - and many more.
  • We specialise in collaborating with female entrepreneurs and are devoted to empowering more women to seize incredible opportunities for business growth by harnessing advanced technologies.

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