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Get ready to feel full of confidence about your SaaS app idea!

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What's included?

Got an exciting application concept but unsure how to take it forward? In this power-packed 3-hour strategy workshop, we'll dive deep into your vision and bring clarity like never before.

Our mission for this workshop is simple but powerful:

  • Understand Your Customer: We'll unravel the mysteries of your target customers, getting to know their wants, needs, and pain points. It's all about building a solution that truly connects with your audience.

  • Define Your Business Model: Let's get crystal clear on how your SaaS application will create value, generate revenue, and meet the needs of your target customers. Together, we'll craft a robust business model that sets the stage for your success

  • Visualise Success: Together, we'll visualise the essential building blocks that will make your SaaS application a smashing success. 

By the end of this workshop, get ready to feel exhilarated and full of confidence about your app idea!

This is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of 'Technically Confident.' It's designed to get you comfortable with our expertise and discover how we can make your app vision a reality.

DREAM strategy workshop £1500+VAT

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